Thursday, August 20, 2009


I know its just mid August, but I have been feeling Fashion Week creep up and I am over the moon excited, like I am every season.

I have joined, and plan to chime in on the shows I attend ;what I see and hear in and around the tents. Kick PR also has the amazing opportunity to work again with Leanne Marshall for her runway show this season- (If you are an editor and would like an invite, you may email me at

One of the greatest things about last season, was the amount of fashionistas that were inside the tents reporting back via twitter. I think it was @cutblog where I heard about all of those nasty falls on the runway and some of the crazy getups that we often see out an about.

I would love to know what shows you think I should attend, whether or not they are in the tents or not. I want to report on hidden gems and the underdogs of fashion, so bring it on!

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