Friday, December 5, 2008

This Holiday Season Make it Crystal, Not Cristal.

The more I look through this collection of fabulous, hand crafted jewelry by designer Kirtsen Goede, the more I realize its just what I have needed for my jewelry box! This Citron necklace is by far one of my favorites. A simple sterling silver chain featuring groupings of vibrant Swarovski crystal makes this piece extremely versatile. Currently, I am wearing the Grape one and have been stopped many times with 'I LOVE this, where did you get it?" It comes in five colors and you can choose your own combo!

The thing about Kirsten's collection, Objets d'Envy, is that blends nicely with any style. It has a simplistic feel, but also glams up nice when paired for an evening out. I also am obsessed with the Parfum Drop Necklace. Its just awesome. One large crystal dangling down waiting to be coveted by all. It comes in three shades of crystal on a long sterling silver chain. This is for $245, but if you are looking for the same look but for less, she offers the Galaxie at $70, which isn’t set the way the Parfum is, but is still a gorgeous crystal drop.

Objets d'Envy is online at Click "new" for the new pieces ( as if you needed me to tell you that!).

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