Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stay in the Loop

Finding the right belt can be difficult. That's why we are loving Ann Lansing. She is fab new belt designer who creates pieces that can adapt with any outfit. The bonus? All of her belts are not only reversible but the buckles are also interchangeable. Ann Lansing takes fine Italian leather straps in hot reversible colors such as pink/tangerine, gold/silver, black/red, and pairs them with handcrafted reversible buckles such as the Shou (pictured above), Phoenix (pictured below), The Wave, and many more. Talk about getting the best style for your buck. They're great travel items, so you chic jetsetters can save room in your suitcases for all of your new souvenirs. This is one belt collection you can wrap yourself around in all season.
Price: $100-$200

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