Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ann Lansing: More Behind A Belt Designer

In late June, I sat down with Ann Lansing to have our monthly meeting on PR and other stuff like how cute her kids are. Towards the middle of meeting, she began telling me a story I only thought happened on Lifetime TV. I won't give away the whole story ( you can read it in this issue of People, Clay Aiken is on the cover) but the whole idea of it just made me melt.

Annie is adopted, and recently reconnected with her birth mother and birth father. They were never married to each other and actually were estranged due to her mother sending her away when she found out she was pregnant. She was 17. This story had chills running from my toes to my hair, and as PR professional, I asked her if I could take this to select press. Well, People picked it up immediately; the editor was just as moved as I was which made me feel that much better about my outreach to them. They weren’t in it to exploit the family, but also to share in the joy. As Annie tells me, “The reason we wanted to share this, was to pay it forward and give hope to other split families that are out there.” I couldn’t agree more.

Annie also has designated her Celtic buckle as a symbol of her reconnected family. The never-ending loops gives a sense of interconnectedness and a life that is cyclical. So, its not just a belt you are buying, its a piece of Annie's life. http://www.annlansing.com/

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